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Yoeleo SAT C50 DB PRO NxT Clincher

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Product Description


Please note that all of Yoeleo wheelset are pre-order. Newer wheelset models may take up to 30 days to manufacture and older models may take longer.

Why Next-Gen PRO Series?

Ideal for cyclists seeking high-durability wheels with the added benefits of stiffness, lightweight design, and improved performance

Perfect Amount of Stiffness
At the heart of our filament winding technology lies the promise of stiff and rigid wheels, achieved through the precise manufacturing of carbon fiber components. This high strength-to-weight ratio is the foundation upon which we build the wheels' capability to handle the road. It empowers our cyclists to push harder, go faster, and break through their limits for victory on every terrain.

Efficiently Made for Delivering High Speed
Featuring the Japanese Carbon T1000, the filament winding technology also maximized the whole build of this lineup. Enjoy up to 250 grams (0.55 lbs) in weight savings and feel an effortless 'riding in the air' experience.

Built to Last. With 3-Year Extended Warranty.
The NEXT-Generation lineup bridges both quality and performance, resulting from the consistency of wheel production with less human error, more uniformity, and reproducibility. All components and parts, including the 230 PRO Hubs, are also covered by a 3-year extended warranty, keeping your peace of mind on every road you take.

Ultra Light, Feels Like a Pro
The PRO lineup achieves ultra-lightness, tipping the scales at a remarkable 1290g. A competitive value proposition based on weight, reflecting the needs of the cyclists who use them.

NEXT Level Aero

The NEXT GEN 27mm rims redefine speed and efficiency for racing enthusiasts. Made for next-level aerodynamics alongside 28c tires, these rims minimize turbulence and drag to optimize forward momentum with every pedal stroke. Count on them as your trusted right wing in the pursuit of speed.

Specification PRO35NxT

Range of use
Road & Gravel
Disc Brake
Rim Height / Profile
Front Wheel 50mm, Rear Wheel 50mm
1380g ±5%
External Rim Width
Internal Rim Width
Rim Material
HI-MOD T800 Carbon Fiber / Filament wound technology
Black Pillar WING 20 Aero Spokes
Frame Spacing
100/142mm thru-axle
Freehub Options
Standard Shimano HG 11/12-speed, Campagnolo N3W or Sram XDR
Compatible Cassette
Shimano HG / SRAM / Campagnolo
Compatible Tire Type
Clincher Tire, Tubeless Tire
Maximum Tire Pressure
120psi for Clincher Tire, 90psi for Tubeless Tire
Compatible Tire Width
Compatible with 25c Tire and Above, Suggested Tire Width is 28c - 47c