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Muc-off Premium Shoe Care Kit

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Product Description


Treat your feet! The ultimate premium bike shoe cleaning kit has arrived. The Muc-Off Bike Shoe Care Kit is packed with everything you need to show your shoes some love. There’s a cutting-edge hydrophobic rain repellent, super-effective shoe cleaner, premium brush and microfibre cloth so you can freshen up your MTB or road shoes – no matter how grimey or muddy they get. It contains all the tools to get your shoes looking factory fresh. No more excuses for not sending it on rainy days!



  1. Shake the bottle vigorously to activate the formula.
  2. Spray generously onto freshly cleaned damp shoes. This will ensure excellent performance and curing is achieved.
  3. Soak up any excess with a clean cloth.
  4. Allow to air dry naturally.
  5. For the ultimate performance apply a second coating for increased protection and durability.

Top Tip!
Best applied to a clean shoes for optimum results.

*Check with equipment manufacturer care instructions before use.


  1. Shake the bottle vigorously to activate the formula.
  2. Brush off any loose dirt with Muc-Off Premium Bike Shoe Scrubber then simply spray onto the areas you wish to clean.
  3. Leave for up to a minute for the formula to break down dirt and grime.
  4. Agitate any stubborn grime with our shoe cleaning brush before wiping off with a damp, clean cloth.
  5. Allow to air dry naturally.

Top Tips!
You can dip the brush in a bowl of warm water to help rinse between cleaning each section of the shoe. You can also remove the laces and allow to soak in the cleaner fluid to remove any stubborn stains!


  1. Simply spray on to the inside of the shoe/fabric and leave it to work its magic.
  2. For heavily soiled gear, agitate with a cloth to work deeper into the stains.
  3. Absorb any excess with a clean microfibre cloth.