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Kask Protone

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Product Description

Main Features Kask Protone WG11 Helmet
Top quality helmet with a super compact design with reflective stickers for maximum safety even in poor visibility conditions. Used by the Team SKY cycling team, developed in Italy with a high dedication and focus on design.

  • S: 50-56cm
  • M: 52-58cm
  • L: 59-62cm

Light and Aerodynamic: Kask Protone WG11
Created for racing and road riding, the PROTONE has been wind tunnel tested and has one of the lowest drag of any vented helmet on the market. Featuring a multi-layer open cell construction, multiple vents and thick Coolmax® padding and inner lining, the 230g helmet allows heat and moisture to dissipate efficiently, dramatically improving comfort and performance without sacrificing comfort. security.

3D Dry
3D Dry three-dimensional padding based on the open cell multilayer construction methodology: high technology for maximum comfort and performance.

Air control
Extremely aerodynamic and wind-tunnel-tested shell that provides an advantageous high coefficient of air penetration and guarantees airflow always in line with the helmet.

Helmet cover
For its transport and storage always projected.

Interior padding in Coolmax fabric made up of two layers and an open cell filter, removable and washable.

ECO Chinstrap
Neck adjustment strap. Made of synthetic leather. Soft to the touch, it prevents skin irritation and, adjustable in length, which improves the comfort of the fit.

Reinforcement frame to increase mechanical resistance. In the event of a collision, it prevents the hull from breaking into several parts.

In Molding
Combination of the inner polystyrene shell for the outer polycarbonate layer, provides greater shock absorption capacity.

MIT technology, applied to all models of the KASK cycling line, guarantees greater safety and complete protection thanks to the polycarbonate cover of the lid on the top, on the perimeter of the base and on the back.

Ergonomic and skeletal micrometric wheel designed to guarantee the best fit.Oscillating neck supports provided with inner gel to guarantee maximum comfort, designed to guarantee 180° oscillation, guaranteeing a perfect fit to any type of neck.

Antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment applied to the upholstery fabric.