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Favero Assioma Power Meter

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Product Description


Professional power meter pedals


Power your Training
Breakthrough technology applied to training with power. Do not limit your cycling potential: choose Assioma.

Extreme Accuracy
The only one with IAV Power. Many cycling power meters calculate power using the average value (Average) of the angular velocity per rotation instead of the instantaneous form (Real): this may introduce an additional error of up to 4.5% compared to declared accuracy. Assioma, instead, thanks to its exclusive IAV Power system and an on-board gyroscope guarantees the same ±1% accuracy with any pedaling style: even with oval chainrings.

A Superior Experience
Much more than power and cadence. Become a better cyclist. Using its gyroscope, the Assioma bike pedals provide advanced metrics to deeply analyze your pedaling. On top of that, consistent and accurate data will lead you through the most rewarding cycling experience.

Long-term Reliability
Is your bike power meter really waterproof? Ours is. The electronic parts are safely housed inside a bi-component resin block, resulting in an electronic-less pedal body. Waterproofness and resistance are guaranteed whatever the conditions with the lightest power meter pedal around.

The added value of our rechargeable battery

A special watertight resin and no battery compartments to open avoid any risk of water, mud or dust ingress and oxidation problems.

At least 50 hrs with a single charge.
The rechargeable battery has been designed to provide long performance over time.

Magnetic connectors
Recharge your pedals simultaneously with a double micro-USB cable with magnetic connectors. This system avoids damages caused by accidental yanks and permits recharge even with a simple power bank!