Yoeleo R9 AERO 2022

Yoeleo R9 AERO 2022


PASS ISO 4210 - 2:2015 CLAUSE 4.8 CYCLES

Yoeleo believes that quality assurance accompanies the development phase and is a significant part of the production. To make sure that you can enjoy using our new R9 bike for many years it is not sufficient to just conduct a quality check at a certain point of the production process.

Our R9 carbon framesets are German TÜV approved so you can ride them with total confidence that not only will they look fantastic, they're also SAFE to use.

The TÜV mark means you can be assured that you are buying a quality R9 that has been rigorously tested.

Certificates are set out on the left. Please click the report and take a moment to read them through.

  • YOELEO R9 Aero Frame

    Material : Carbon Fiber T800

    Axle Dimension : 12 x 142mm

    Brake Mount : Flat Mount

    Weight :  Frame 1170+/-30g (Size:54cm),Fork 390g+/-15g


    YOELEO R9 Fork

    Material : Carbon

    Steerer : 1-1/2”

    Axle Dimension : 12 x 100mm

    Brake Mount : Flat Mount

    Weight : 390g